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How to Relieve Stiff Neck Pain

The most effective

therapies for stiff neck pain include rest, hot and cold treatments,

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Authorities: Body found on rural South Carolina property is boyfriend of woman found chained in a storage container

Authorities have confirmed that the body found on a rural South Carolina property is the boyfriend of a woman found chained inside a storage container.

FOX Carolina 21

A woman who was found chained "like a dog" in a rural South Carol read more...

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Total Joint Replacement Gets Patients Moving Again

Excessive weight: - Unhealthy weight can pit excessive force on the knees and adds to the risk of harm to joint cartilage. Day-to-day activities like walking or climbing stairs may also become extremely hard. It can increase the risk of osteoarthr read more...

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Three Simple Exercise to Relief Herniated Disc Pain

Now, several degrees of lost motion in hip extension or rotation isn't necessarily in order to cause upper back pain and research has shown a disappearance of range of movement in one hip the actual other is a greater aspect of causing low back pa read more...

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Why Back Surgery Usually Fails

Spinal deterioration Age is the name for deterioration maybe the wear and tear for this physiological characteristics. One such deterioration occurs in the spine which can the narrowing of the spinal canal. We start feeling stiff and can't seem to read more...

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Avoid Back Injuries From Lifting

Again, the 1st step is to use the reasons for your grief. Failure to find the exact cause or causes and you are more prone to make sciatica pain much worse yet. This is probably the most popular step in which ignore could account in the most commo read more...